Suggestion Box

Hi Friendies!


Welcome to our virtual Friendie Suggestion Box.

We'd love to hear from you! Part of our core culture at Friendie HQ is the belief in continuous improvement.

Let us explain what this means. We believe improvements have no end; we can keep improving, keep growing and keep making things better than before. When we started this company from our home office in regional Victoria, we created a simple audio splitter so you could share an tablet. We kept adding to our product offering because we saw what our customers needed, and today we have a range of headphones, earbuds, sunglasses, tech and sports accessories. But, they aren't just products to us. Each of these products has a story and a reason WHY. Each product is carefully planned and created. Each of our production runs is an improvement on the last. We create new lines based on your feedback. And, we analyse and improve on our competitors products, whilst embracing the latest and greatest technology in all our products.

Everything we do is to make a better product for you - our Friendies. How? Because we are not dictated by corporate shareholders. We are a proudly Australian based and owned company, based in country Victoria in an amazing community and connected to the wider Australian and International community. We develop products we love, and we hope you love them too. 

We love sport, we love music, we love friends, we love life and we know that all of these things bring happiness. That's why we have a range of products from sports accessories to headphones to sunglasses to earbuds to speakers, because any of these things can help you to feel more like you and change the course of your day. An amazing song can swing your day around; we want to help you feel that so you can live your best life.

We're classed as a tech company, but really, we're not. We are the first to admit we didn't invent tech. We didn't invent noise cancelling technology. We didn't invent the use of Neo magnets in headphones for deeper bass, we didn't invent resistance bands to build core strength, and we certainly didn't invent sound. What we do is capture the best of all these components. We reverse engineer our competitors products and use them everyday, we chat to suppliers, developers, and to our amazing, loyal Friendies (you - our end users) to understand what can be improved. And then we do it!

We would love to hear from YOU- tell us what you want! Suggest an improvement to any of our products, from the why the lid opens, the durability, the look, feel or packaging; we are here to listen. Tell us what you want that we don't have- and we promise we will look into it. After all, ultimately this means we are listening to our customers and developing products that you'll love. And that's what friends do. They listen, grow and share experiences together. 

Thanks for being such a valuable part of the Friendie Fam.